To Serve the People

November 2018 is the Midterm elections and the District 28 State Senate seat is up for grabs. I have offered myself up for public service before and I have pondered when I should do this again. After careful consideration, I have decided that this is the time. I will place myself under the microscope of everyone and be mocked again by the other party and the pundits as I was I was in 2014. I choose this just for the chance to lift the voice of the people. As a son of Troup County Georgia, I plan to represent the people, the real people of Troup, Coweta, Heard, and Carroll. Those that have struggled, those that wipe sweat from their brow to put food on the table. I am a product of a working family, a family that worked in the mills until the mills locked their doors due to bad politics. I plan to work on bills for positive economic development, bills that are for the people of Georgia that will continue the growth of Troup Country and other rural areas. I will work with both parties because working against each other does nothing for nobody. The only people I will work against are the corporate lobbyist that have corporations interest in mind. 2018 will be the year of the people if you vote for Nixon.


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