A Sermon by Rev. James Harrison Nixon

There comes a time when we have to look at our nation no matter what side of the political spectrum we land on and just say wow! We have fallen apart and have become more torn without any true form of leadership. Yes, Trump is now our president and like I said before I will pray for him and I will give him a chance just as I would have Hillary who I did not support either. I still feel as though many voted for Trump in the thought of those who called for Saul when Israel wanted a king instead of trusting in God. Remember the people would rather place their trust in a king over God and he got Samuel to anoint Saul who was full of selfishness and human desire.

And Samuel said to Saul, “You have done foolishly. You have not kept the command of the LORD your God, with which he commanded you. For then the LORD would have established your kingdom over Israel forever. But now your kingdom shall not continue. The LORD has sought out a man after his own heart, and the LORD has commanded him to be prince over his people because you have not kept what the LORD commanded you.”

(1 Samuel 13:13-14 ESV)

Saul made a sacrifice without waiting for Samuel before a battle, he overstepped his boundary as a king and stepped into the priestly realm when he did so. So here is a warning, do not be surprised when Trump does not protect the Christian values that you believed he would have protected. We will still be sued for wedding cakes and prayers in schools and the separation of church and state will still be mistaken. Trump, who has shown zero Christian values during his campaign or on his Twitter page from bullying to foul language will be a Judas towards Christians that elected him. Jesus described those like Trump several times, unfortunately, many were deceived also by Trump and the ministers that took up beside him. The biggest issue is it wasn’t so much Trump as the political party that Christianity seems married with. We have to divorce Christianity from politics sooner rather than later before we end up exiling more people from the church.

There is nothing outside a person that by going into him can defile him, but the things that come out of a person are what defile him.”

(Mark 7:15 ESV)

So, In the end, we as Christians need to take a stand, we need to pray for our nation. We need to pray for our president and help break his hardened heart so it may soften. We must hope and pray that all this hate going on around our nation may stop. We cannot survive with the bull’s eye of terror aimed right at us when we are divided in on ourselves. I pray to God that we can unite before it is too late. Amen.


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