Fight On!

I take a step out of bed and the pain shoots all the way through my body. This is my everyday life. I forget simple task and things I should do because of the brain fog from the beast known as lupus. The cruel wolf that snuck into my life and many others that steal that joy from us at so many times. I know that cancer is bad and the face of cancer is sad, yet I think and know that many cancers have cures. When I sit here and understand that lupus only awaits death as it is chronic. From infusions to steroids that weaken our bones and risk us to develop diabetes. Lupus is the killer of souls, not just body when we feel alone because each case is so different because it wants to mock our very existence. Yes, this beast is a cruel devil that laughs at us daily. I feel the pain from as my body shakes from the seizures caused from its evil howl.  Lupus needs a cure, more research needs to be done. Too many are suffering from this autoimmune disease. Daily my heart grows tight and crushing from the swelling of the bite of the wolf. The muscle weakness and the tension from frustration never help as the depression slips right in.

We need a cure for this horrible illness. We need more research so please donate to Lupus Foundation of America and help out for a great cause. Lives really depend on your donations and the ability to spread the word that Lupus is a life threating illness and needs to be researched further. Please write your congress member also!


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