Taste Testing with My Daughter!

These GimMe Organic Snacks are just horrible as you can tell from the video, neither one of us liked them. I do like many organic and vegan snacks, we are avid tofu eaters. By avid I mean I crave tofu and rice weekly! So, I was very surprised at the fact I did not like these, being a big sushi eater as well and having seaweed many times. Frankly, I am disappointed and I am tossing it up to the Teriyaki flavoring of these, they do have a plan sea salt flavor that I am going to try and we will do a video of that next.

Please like the video and comment on it, let us know if you have tried these and what you think. Also, I do have many vegan friends and like to joke around with them. I respect those who can stick with the vegan lifestyle! Subscribe to the YouTube channel more videos will be coming from video games to food!!!


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