Cooking Preacher: Shrimp Tortellini

Here I am again with another shrimp dish, as shrimp are my favorite seafood. Shrimp are quick and easy, as most of the time, they are thaw and serve or cook and season. This weekly edition is going to be just that a quick and easy way to impress with a ten-minute dinner dish, Shrimp Tortellini with a homemade Alfredo Sauce.

Ingredients: Shrimp, Tortellini 4 cheese pasta, Grated Parmesan cheese, Heavy cream, Paprika, Butter, Sea Salt.


This is a quick dish you are going to need two pots and frying pan. The large Pot you will place the Tortellini in boiling water and sea salt. You want to boil this pasta until they are just past al dente, you do not want them to be too soft or they will be a mess. Remember they are a cheese based pasta.



In the smaller pot, we are going to be making the heart of the dish the Alfredo sauce or Italian Gravy or white sauce. There are many names this wonderfully tasteful sauce has and yet it is actually a newer Italian sauce. Yes, right it was brought into the Italian culinary world in the early 20th century.


So, for the sauce, we are going to melt the butter in our pot and then add our Parmesan. Now as the starts to turn into a liquid we will add our heavy cream stirring it to thicken it up. It takes around two minutes to make this sauce and a good five minutes for it to thicken up right.20150925_131642000_ios


Now, the shrimp is the protein of this dish. For this dish will do not want the flavor to overtake the pasta. So we will choose to season that will blend well with Italian and not how we normally would cook seafood, so we would stay away with lemon. Lemon is a Greek and Sicilian and you will see more with chicken and Tuscan foods.


In your pan use Olive oil and butter place your desired amount of shrimp. Cook shrimp plan 30 seconds on each side before seasoning them. Now we can begin to season the shrimp, I have chosen paprika and garlic for the season as they exemplify the pasta and Alfredo nicely and still stand out. After we season the shrimp we cook for another three minutes making sure not to let the shrimp get dry, so it is okay to add a little butter or even olive oil if you desire.


At the end of your cooking experience, you should have a nice dish to serve your guest that will impress and have them asking for more. This is one of the dishes I use when I have to serve significant people and I am on a budget. This whole meal will set you back on average right around $30 at most big chain grocery stores. So if you are looking for a good fellowship meal idea or a dish to take to a weekly Bible study here is one for you!




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