A Time of Sorrow

Can our nation really ever heal at this point? I believe that we can, and yes we surely will. The issue that we must overcome is not the one that seems to plague us, though. The issue that truly is at the heart of our nation’s problem is one of forgotten pride. We see to have forgotten te moral responsibility of self and have wanted to place the blame of wrong onto other. we cite the wrongs onto to race and to other media hot words. Our nation has forgotten God worse of all, and by doing so He has now let us start to divide ourselves even more. This November we look towards four individuals that neither can help us because neither have the help we need. Our Nation cannot get the help when it chooses to live in ignorance.

From every argument to this debate there is a certain style of ignorance and a blocking of reason. When neither side will hear the other out and we reach the stand still that we have, growth stops. At this point there is no more civil activity only a failed movment based on who can scream the loudest. That is not the point of trying to protest or make a change for the better. Yes, there has been unjust killing in the Urban community. I pose this question though, how many times has the same community killed each other without an uproar from those protesting now? You cannot have it both way, if you are going to be angry about police killing black men and women you must be angry about blacks killing blacks at the same degree because it is the same. If you ignore that yet grab your picket sign over a police shooting you have crossed the hypocritical line.

I am in no way justifiy the actions of these officers that have crosssed the boundries of the line and have commited murder. Yes, murder, you cannot give back a life and lethal force should be the last option for anyone to turn to. Yet, from having many friends in the military and law enforcment I can say they are placed under stressful stitutions and have to react in a blink of an eye situation. Before we as civilians are quick to judge and prosicute in public opinion we should always understand that. We should always allow the evidence to come forward and as for evidence, it should always come forward and should be made public in situation as North Carolina. I am a strong believer in transperency and this is a case when trancpercy could stop a lot of issues and extra work.

I pray today our Father that our Nation can heal from these wounds of self hate and pity. I pray oh Lord that our brothers and sisters can see the hurt we are causing each other. Lord I pray to touch our hearts and minds. In Jesus name by the power of the Holy Spirit amen.


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