Cooking Preacher: Shrimp Time

I personally love sea food, and shrimp is that one quick dish that can make a nice dinner. For this dinner we are going a little long on the list so get ready. 

Ingredients: Soy Sauce, Termenic, Peprika, Cheyenne, Butter, Conaola Oil, Dill Weed, Menaced Garlic, Salt, Fat back, Garlic Powder, water, Mac n Cheese shells, Sour cream.

For the shrimp melt butter and throw the shrimp into the pan. At this time start adding the spice,  no particular order and to taste, just savin soy sauce for the last minute. The total Cook time for this shrimp dish is right around four to six minutes. You will know when your shrimp is that nice pinkish orange and slightly firm. 
As for the Mac n Cheese there is nothing special. Make it as directed, as a hint add a table spoon of sourcream to the cheese sauce along with garlic for a nice rich sauce that brings more life and originality to the dish. 


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