United Nations and SBC urge Refugees

The Southern Baptist Convention has stated that we should open our boarders to refugees coming from the Middle East. This is on the heels of today’s plea from the United Nations that we have to stop the genocide that is happening at the hands of ISIS. In light of the Orlando terror attack one should be cautious, yes the terrorist was a U.S. born resident. Imagine though that a failed vetted member of the terror organization made it through, they are already indoctrinating young men and women through the internet as is. What if they can do it on the street corner or the local coffee house? Yes, we need to pull those out who are facing torment at the hands of ISIS, they are dipping young children into acid and killing the innocent. Especially those who confess the name of Christ Jesus. I for one as a minister and devoted follower of Christ and his teachings have to agree and must also call for the aid to the refugees.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” (Matthew 5:7 ESV)

Our nation is responsible for the rise of ISIS and we cannot deny this any longer. We have to take responsibility and accountability for this. Denying this will only hurt us in the long run politically with other nations as they will grow tired of our petty infighting and school yard political mentalities. We must mature as a nation again; unlike our forefathers we have politicians that seem they are in nation of infancy rather than a nation that stands on the shoulder of giants. So I urge all of my Christian leaders to call for the allowance of refugees into our nation and to condemn the words of Donald Trump has hate speech.

God Bless.


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