My Suffering (A testimony)

I am a sinner saved by grace, I have suffered in life and still suffer. Yet I know that my pain will only be temporary, this has nothing on the glory that will come one day (Romans 8:18) I suffer from a chronic illness known as Lupus. This mistress of pain destroys my insides killing my nerves and organs, yet I feel that this course to most is a blessing to me. There are days when I cannot walk yet I try, times when even swallowing food is difficult and hard. The medication does not help as it can cause side effects like osteoporosis and chemical dibeates. Yes I know some of you that have strayed from God will say pray to be healed and mock what I’m saying, well before you do think, I should have been dead already, My prayers are to live and see my kids grow, my testimony is to reach others. I have a illness that I share with others and we know that it can kill, disable and do horrible things to our bodies. It has cost me my career, and many aspects of my life already because it has caused severe nerve damage, fibromyalgia and seizures. Like I said I’m in constant pain daily both physically and emotionally, I’m not sharing this though for sympathy no I’m sharing for a testimony. In my weakness God has made me stronger, has made me a tool for him. I am a vessel for the father! I have Lupus what is your excuse? Why are you not out there being the church, sitting in the pew on Sunday is doing the church I’m talking about being the church and accepting Jesus. We all already know Jesus, the truth is on our hearts, God is waiting patiently for you to return home. It is not hard, but it may feel so. By his stripes we are healed, Jesus was whipped, spit on, stripped down and hung on a cross and still ministered to the people what is your excuse? God bless you and I want you to know that suffering is something you do not have to do alone, as I suffer with a smile because I know in my weakness the God is making a place for me. God can make a place for you.

#Suffering #Lupus #TheModernChristian #BetheChurch #ChristianLife #Testimony


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