Sweet Congo

Gabe and Livvy Feinn showed that no goal is too big for God when they raised $35,000 baking cakes for a hospital in the Congo. This brother and sister just happened to find a catalog for Samarian Purse addressed to their Grandmother. As they looked through the gift catalog they picked out what they wanted to do, they decided to raise money and buy some chickens for their family, the chickens then became goats; which they raised the money for overnight it seemed. Well then this brother and sister duo from Kentucky decided to tell their parents they wanted to take a bigger leap of faith with God and raise money for a Mission Hospital. Well Gabe the oldest of the two turned to Facebook and said that he would give a cake to anyone that would donate towards the cause of helping raise the money to renovate the hospital.


After a few months Gabe and Livvy raised the money for the hospital, The Lord blessed their many months of effort, and Gabe and Livvy reached their God-sized goal. Samaritan’s Purse has used their funds to rebuild the maternity ward at Nyankunde Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which serves hundreds of moms and babies each year. They actually got to visit the hospital and the village they got to help with their selfless dedication to God and fellow man, these young people are helping set an example of what it means to serve Jesus.

DRC Nyankunde, Maternity Ward with Gabe and Livvy
DRC Nyankunde, Maternity Ward with Gabe and Livvy

You too can help raise money for many mission projects around the world by clicking the link here and looking at the options.

 All photo used curtesy of Sumerian’s Purse.

God bless,

Rev. James Harrison Nixon


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