Their Eyes are Watching Us

Today we stand as a corner stone, not of a building of brick or mortar but of flesh and bone. We a are fusion of cultures connected as family with one father and that is God. Many of our family members have suffered as of late growing in distress around the world. Yet in the Unites States the country that has the world’s stage, and can really shine a light to the true persecution going on, our leaders and churches choose to put their support behind a false doctrine cherry picker “Christine” like  Kim Davis. All this is doing is placing a bigger divide in the USA between the faithful and the Athiest that can and need to hear the message, after all what if same sex couples are sent by God to test Christians? It wouldn’t be the first time God tested his children, during the Exodus God tested us many times. In the end of days the Bible does refer to the days as those of Noah.  So what does all of this really mean? Simple, if you claim to be a Christian than be just that. I do not care who you are. The day of being a lukewarm Christian is over, the days of Noah are back at our door steps again. We need to stop speaking and take action, take on the burden of our fellow man and help left up our brothers and sisters.


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