Scream and Shout

How many times have you gone to a church and have heard the minister start to get loud and scream? I myself have heard it often and more often than not it is not due to the Holy Spirit getting involved. In most cases it is the fact that the minister did not have enough of an understanding of what they are speaking of or a poor example of what they are preaching. This is not a good thing, how many have heard the story of the janitor seeing the pastor’s note to scream at this part because the message was weak? Well I am telling you that a Pastor should not have any part of a message that is weak. Prayer plays a huge role in doing research for a sermon. So when a argument is weak one should assume that God does not want this said, the sermon should always be God breathed just like the scripture in which it is being preached from.

I am actually right now watching a minister on the television, not mentioning names or anything but they do not test well as my article Wolf as Leaders talks about. Yet I would like to say that not all the time is yelling bad, as mentioned sometimes the Holy Spirit moves the crowd and everyone in the room. When that happens it is not wrong to scream shout and as the old saying goes let it all out. In the end screaming is not needed unless the Holy Spirit is involved, all one needs is a firm voice that can be heard.


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