Why Sunday?

As Christians we should know that we do not celebrate the Sabboth or the 7th day. Why though? Well the reason is very simple. Jesus rose on the 1st day of the week, being Sunday. Sunday is the day that represents rebirth and renewed life, as Christians we follow the teachings of Jesus. When Pope Gregory created the Gregory calendar that we use today he did not change the days of the week. He just removed 10 days from the Calendar. Thursday October 4th 1582 the next day became Friday October 15th 1582. This was done to being the calendar back in alignment with the solar system.

Now as Christians we should know that by the Law of Moses we should honor the Sabboth, yet as Christians we should know that in Christ we are under the Law of Spirit and not the Law of Moses also known as flesh. If we follow even one part of the law we are back under the Law of Moses/Flesh and removed from under Faith. Jesus came to fulfill the prophecy, The Law and the Old Covenant.

I have seen this false doctrine going around saying what we know as Chrstianity is wrong, they are deceiving many. As well they brake the traditions in which they claim they are following which is right. Remember to test those that seem to challenge the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles to the writings of the Bible.

God bless you my Family in God. This is one of many teachings I am going to be giving about the Laws of Flesh and the Blessed Laws of Spirit.


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