America The New Sodom

Today in the United States we are seeing a movement away from God. Every nation in history that has turned from God as meet its destruction. The sad truth is the United States is next, like Sodom we have prostituted out our morals and ethics. No longer is America a nation under God, but a nation divided of hate, lust, and Godless antics. We are rewarding sin like Sodom and Gomorrah did before fire rained from heaven. Like Lot many Christians have seen money signs and have or are losing their very soul. 

Each day we see the news and more attacks on the Christian Faith are occurring and their is no stop. Ministers imbracing the crimes against God to gain a dime or not to hurt feelings. I tell you though, we as a Christian Faith must shake the souls of the sinners and lead them from the destruction that all of this is bringing on. We should love the sinner and welcome them into our homes, and gently reach their souls for the name of Jesus. We should pull them from the hate and lust filled in their hearts.  

We must stop buying into the Hollywood pimps and false preachers that are infecting the air waves of our televisions. Each time you buy a movie of secular order you are finding the collapse of God’s word. If you where arrested today for being a Christian would the courts have enough evidence to convict you? Surly I say to you most of you would walk free. Without saying it your actions deny Christ and your brothers and sisters. Would you lay your bodies down for the sake of saving others from HELL! 


2 thoughts on “America The New Sodom

  1. humblefisher101 says:

    Sodom is a place drenched in wealth, but the people are arrogant. They attack and exploit the helpless strangers amidst them. In America we have the so-called “Illegals” who do the labors that pay too little for us. They work hard, but they are despised and discarded when outlived their usefulness. Sometimes we see through such workers as if they are not even there. But God sees everything.


    1. watchmenjames says:

      Sodom was a place where there was a upper class and a lower class. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Much like The United States today, the middle ground really wasn’t there. Gomorrah was much of the same, both cities allowed and legalized gambling, hookers and being drunk. Immigration has little to do with the statutes of the United States. If you look into these two cities of the old world you will see a mirror image of the United States. You had men sleeping with multiple women and other men, women doing the same. Even Lot tried to use his own two daughters as a leverage point with the attacks at his door before God’s Angels showed up and dispatched them.

      Immigration has led to a new form of American slavery, a new reason of concern for us. We hear political figures talk about the criminals that come over or boarder for varies reasons and of crimes. What we as a Nation has to realize that the actual criminal number is less that 2% and even those are made of fake reports to get a cartel member off of charges and place the blame on others. Never be fooled by the media and politicians they are serving a purpose of their own Sodom experience.


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